Welcome to PDT Europe 2014

The PDT Europe 2014 conference will take place in Paris, France October 14-15, 2014.

Venue: Microsoft Issy les Moulineaux.

Two days of great presentations and meetings!








PDT Europe 2014 Theme - Shaping the PLM Platform of the Future

PDT Europe 2014 builds on the success of PDT Europe 2013 by continuing "Integrating PLM, SE and CM for lean, innovative and agile operations". This remains valid as the PLM Platform of the Future will have to support Systems Lifecycle Management. With PDT Europe 2014 we will continue to shape the PLM Platform of the Future and present findings as well as implementations providing valuable insights.

The PLM Platform of the Future is unlikely to be a monolithic system from one vendor. It follows that standards and openness are essential parts of the PLM Platform of the Future and we will look into the deployment of information standards for Systems Engineering, Product Lifecycle Support (PLCS), Managed model based 3D Engineering (AP242) and more. The adoption of a service oriented architecture and standards will give users control of their PLM platform and it will deliver capabilities to support the extended enterprise where the monolithic system approach is impractical.

PDT Europe 2014 will address the big picture PLM Platform and its components. We will look into ways to transform current PLM in a running business with legacy systems into a PLM Platform of the Future.

Specific areas that the PLM Platform of the Future will have to support and that go beyond most of the current PLM implementations should be investigated at PDT Europe 2014.

Amongst these are:

  • Modeling and simulation as part of PLM.
  • Embedded software as part of the system.
  • Product support, aftermarket and Internet of Things as part of PLM.
  • Extended enterprise collaboration.
  • IPR protection and security for global business.
  • Cross disciplines PLM.
  • The uptake and business need of Mobile for PLM.
  • Circular Economy and the role of PLM.
  • Regulatory compliancy.
  • Master Product Data Management.
  • Interoperability, harmonization and convergence of PLM and Systems standards.
  • Obsolescence of Information Systems : Hardware and PLM Application.

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